Celebrate Independence Day and Each Other: Eat, Pray, Laugh!

Don Bosco celebrated two special occasions this July – our nation’s freedom and the return of our soup kitchen, food pantry and open closet to a program of the Don Bosco Community. More than 40 volunteers helped create a special meal and a spectacular experience for moms and dads, children, grandparents, and of course, our Don Bosco Workers. One hundred seventy meals were served along with prayer, scripture reading and reflection.  “We are grateful to bring these programs back to the mission of Don Bosco which is to offer our neighbors their “daily bread” but also the “bread of life” which is Christ’s unconditional love for each of us,” said Fr. John Grinsell, SDB, Associate Director, Don Bosco Community Center.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact Ann Heekin, Executive Director, at heekin@donboscocenter.org

Volunteer Scheduling Options:

  • Soup Kitchen: Monday – Friday. Food Prep (8:30 – 10:30am), Serve (10:45 – 12:45pm)
  • Food Pantry/Children’s Open Closet: Tuesday (8:00 – 10:30am), Saturday (7:00 – 9:30am)


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