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Don Bosco Annual Fund

Illuminate - Alleviate - Trailblaze - Synergize

Scholarships Funded
Sponsorships Funded
Children Supported

Illuminate Appeal

"Addressing Educational Needs, Illuminating The Minds Of Our Youth" September - November

Join us on a transformative journey to empower the youth.  The “Illuminate Appeal” is a call to action, a beacon of hope, and a commitment to brighter futures. Together, we’re addressing crucial education needs, ensuring that young minds have the opportunity to shine.

Our Mission in Action

Afterschool and Summer Camp

Programs specifically tailored to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for all young people from the community to flourish in academics, society, and virtue. With Don Bosco, every child has the opportunity to dream big and achieve great things!

Early Childhood Bilingual Education Program

The Early Childhood Bilingual Program has the goal to ensure that every child, in partnership with parents, has an equal opportunity to succeed academically and socially and to provide a strong foundation for future success in school and in life.

Our program is a place where people can come for help, hope, and a warm meal. With a welcoming and respectful environment, the center is committed to addressing the immediate needs of the community while also working towards long-term solutions to poverty and hunger.

Scholars College Access Program

Don Bosco Scholars is a first-generation college access program that provides academic support, college counseling, financial support, and mentorship opportunities to help students achieve their goal of attending college. The program is committed to helping students overcome the barriers they face and to provide a path to a brighter future through higher education.

Volunteer Opportunities

For all volunteer opportunities please Contact our Programs Director,
Mr. Andres Alvarez at or sign up directly through our volunteering page.