Don Bosco Early Childhood Bilingual Education Program

Growing Minds, Shaping Futures

The Program is a unique and innovative program designed to help three- to -four-year-old children and their parents or caregivers with the development of foundational skills required for school readiness.

Based on research evidence, The Don Bosco Early Childhood Bilingual Education Program targets key educational differentiators, offering advantages for children who face socio-economic challenges, like those who live in Port Chester, NY, one of the lowest per pupil expenditure districts within Westchester County.

The program focuses on helping children to develop their skills in bilingual communication, pre-emergent literacy, socio-emotional abilities, and problem-solving abilities.

In addition to targeting these foundational skills, the program offers a supportive and nurturing environment, so that the children can succeed as contributing members of their school, home,  and community. 

Parent education is also an integral part of the program. Besides learning how to  navigate the early years, parents are instructed with evidence-based learning strategies and  educational resources for both enrichment and intervention. Additionally, in-person support is offered to individualize the needs of each child and parent in a confidential and nurturing  manner. To date, over 100 young scholars and their families have been served and provided  resources to ultimately set them on a bright path to success.

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