Don Bosco Feeds Program

Food Security and Support For The Community

The Center is working to support those in the community who may be facing food insecurity and poverty through the Don Bosco Feeds Program. This program aims to provide both immediate and long-term assistance to those who may be struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. The center provides healthy meals and groceries, as well as a closet with gently used clothing options. These services are particularly important during the current economic crisis that has affected so many. The kitchen serves 250 hot meals daily for lunch, the pantry provides an average of 30 pounds of groceries per guest twice a week and delivers groceries to 150 senior households once a month. The closet also opens twice a week to families in need.

+ Meals Served in 2022

Statistics show that the need for this type of support is high in the Port Chester area. With an estimated 20% of residents living below the poverty line, one in five people may be struggling to afford enough food to meet their basic needs. The community is also diverse, with a significant immigrant population, who may face additional barriers in accessing resources and support. Recent immigrants are more likely to live in poverty than native-born Americans, with an average of 21% of recent immigrants living in poverty, compared to 13% of native-born Americans.

+ pounds of groceries given to the community in 2022

The Don Bosco Community Center’s Food Security and Support Program is an important resource for those who may be struggling to get by. It provides not only food and clothing, but also a sense of community and support in a healthy environment. The staff and volunteers at the center are dedicated and compassionate, working hard to ensure that everyone in the community has access to the resources they need to meet their basic needs and live with dignity. This service is a vital and emergency support in this current situation, making a significant impact on the lives of the individuals and families in Port Chester